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What We Offer

We are committed to providing meaningful structured workshops resulting in tangible outcomes for participants.  Workshop content, theme and focus are tailored to each groups specific interests and needs.  We work with all ages and groups of people impacted by incarceration, from toddlers to senior citizens.

Workshop Curricula

Therapeutic Writing


Participants are guided in writing about traumatic events in their lives so that they may improve their overall emotional state and functioning.



Participants are guided in writing about their experience in the criminal justice system in such a way that it can be used as supportive material for their case, or to inform prison policy and reform.

Creative Writing


Participants are supported in writing personal narratives in various genres, so that they can better understand their history and envision resilient and positive futures.

Additional offerings include:

Creative Writing and Poetry, Fantasy Writing and Comics, College Essay Application and Resume Writing

Length of Workshop: 

Workshops range from one time workshops to ongoing weekly meetings depending on the interests, needs and schedule of the participants and organization they are affiliated with.


Length of Individual workshop session: 

Minimum one hour.



Workshops take place at onsite space provided by participants' facility.


Workshop Size:



Workshop Methodology:

Workshops are conducted according to social work group work methodology with a strengths based, trauma informed approach.  We encourage mutual aid and leadership development.  Our workshops are facilitated by a social worker and writing teacher in order to bring the best materials and writing instruction while providing social emotional support for participants.

Pre-Workshop Participant and Counselor Meetings:

For all workshops facilitators will conduct a site visit to meet participant’s counselors and see the facility prior to the workshop to gain an understanding of needs and desired outcome for participants referred to the workshops. 


For workshops meeting four times or more, facilitators are available to meet one-one with each participant prior to workshops beginning to better understand their individual goals for the workshops as well as prepare them by outlining the expectations and parameters of participation. Participants are encouraged to bring a sense of agency and control to the workshops.


Facilitators are available to meet with participant’s counselors and other staff prior to the workshop to gain an understanding of their desired outcome for workshop participants.

Sample Publication

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