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Why I Write by Lou Simeone

We met Louis Simeone in our writing workshop at John Jay Center for Justice and Opportunity where he is currently back in school to finish his degree .

He is 63 and hopes his writings are inspirational and send positive messages to those who read his work.

He is from a first generation traditional Catholic Italian American family... where the most important thing was the community you lived in and sharing those important family values were part of his foundation. Through his life he came to realize what was some of the most important things to him and wished that for the people he loved in his life.

I write because I want to tell you my thoughts and what I know. I write because I know how to love and sharing that love with others may Inspire them to do the same.

I write so people can hear the calm in my voice and with that experience peace. I write to clear my mind of negative thoughts wrapped in size to make space for positive empowering words for you to hear.

I write to release the demons that have ventured inside and show them I am stronger and can conquer.

I write to tell the world the beauty I have seen and hope they will see it too. I write to share my life's lessons to the young my generation's kindness and gratitude.

I write to share about the people who have been brought into my life that have shown me guidance, who gave me love and kindness and taught to give it back to those who need it.

I write to grow, to grow in my mind, to grow in my heart and to grow in my soul.

I write to turn a frown into a shining smile and I'm right to have others do the same.

I write about gratitude because without it I don't enjoy the moments that come with each day.

I write because I have a voice and I hope that is heard by others at emmpathetic and loving, which is what is needed in the world today.

I write to have my mind stay strong and sharp and to send a message of Hope and gratitude.

I write because I've seen life in many different forms and wants to share those many colors with the people that I know.

I write because I want to live leave a legacy end through my words I know I will.

I write for others to see an opening to have a better life.

I write stay positive and that's a better place for me to be. I write because I love it and it's important in this life to do something that you love.

I write to have peace.

I write, SIMPLY, because I can and enjoy the freedom it brings to my mind.

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