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What to the Formerly Incarcerated -Is the Fourth of July ?

Staying Dangerous on the 4th of July!

By Lucas Dietsche

I recently came from a trip with my life partner and fellow poet from a mecca to Crestone, Colorado, Taos, New Mexico, and to Osawatomie, Kansas. These places are rich with spiritual, culture, and art, washed against the shores of the Sangria de Cristo Mountains. Osawatomie, Kansas is where the battle between pro-slavery Border Ruffins and Captain John Brown’s small army that ignited both John Brown’s fame as a white abolitionist and years later the second revolution in this country, took place. I visited the John Brown Museum and was amazed by the rich people’s history, conservation of the battlefield and a statue of him. Especially in the rise of overt white all lives matter sophism, police killings of Black bodies, abolitionist movements, Black Lives Matter, against long-held white arrogance, white supremacy, and white terrorism, this statute could have easily been defaced. As a white male, John Brown put his life for the forceful abolition of chattel slavery. As a white male prison and police abolitionist, I aspire to connect our revolutionary heritage by staying dangerous to put up statues of John Brown. Like, in the HBO television show “Good Lord Bird" I scream out “My name is Captain John Brown!”


We celebrate independence against a foreign power, while keeping chained, not by gravity, but our own distrust in our revolutionary heritage, distrust of each other, unconsciousness in our own class, and our own self-esteem of creating change.

July 4th is the anniversary of the destruction Wardenclyffe Tower, a monumental experiment by Nikola Tesla to create free energy around the world. Since then, we as oppressed earthlings, have a Dependence on rich people for power, electricity, our sovereignty, our health.

Celebrate your class independence by signing to stop member of the rich Jeff Bezos from reentering our happy skies,

Celebrate the Fourth by using fireworks to celebrate the end to oppression against police brutality whenever rebellions occur,

Celebrate your independence by using your grills and coolers to create community picnics to disallow the racist, warmongering, blue lives waving, hate-loving the inability to congregate.

Yes, other white people, this country was founded in war, lets take back our independence through striving and creating abolition of those places and spaces that deny us our liberty and sovereignty, and all of us can be “Captain John Brown”!

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