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Redemption Through Poetry

by Aaron Legrand

I wrote my first poem in 1996. I was laying down and decided to write my first poem. I was incarcerated at this time, I was in Elmira Correctional Facility. I was feeling hopeless at that time, I never saw myself getting out. I just started writing and writing. I started to notarize my poems and I wrote more and more poetry. I wrote about 300 something poems and made some of them into songs. Writing those poems gave me guidance and hope. When I started writing them and having them notarized I would read them to the other guys, they would tell me they liked them, it made me feel good, it made me feel like I accomplished something, it gave me some direction in my life, something to look forward to. Since I have been out of incarceration I have been reading my poems to other people and giving them out, when they tell me they like my poetry I feel good because it tells me they appreciate my work and what I have done. I hope my poems can leave a positive impact on people, especially young people who are on the wrong path. I want to encourage people. I want people to read my poetry so they can see that I repented for the sins that I committed at a young age and I want to be known for something different then the crimes I was incarcerated for.


Just when you feel that life was coming to an end.

when everything was going wrong all around you.

Your heart was sad and you seemed so lost.

How things was really not going your way.

So let me give you some encouragement today.

And I want you to listen to what I have to say.

I kno wyou are going through some hard times in your life.

How I know is because it happens to me.

Somehow God gave me the strength to carry on.

And I took his love with me day by day.

You see God granted me the wisdom.

To hope that things will get better some day.

So just when you think you're life is coming to an end

Just look for God's guidance from within

By faith and hope if I have helped you in some way

Just with these words of encouragement today

To seek God to help you in your dismay

He's there for you each and every day

All you have to do is join me and pray


History wiill be made once again.

Because I have the knowledge from within.

I have learned what it takes to become someone.

It was not easy, or even fun.

I have lived my life for almost all my life.

Some was fun, and some was tears.

It's a shame that it had to take me so long.

To understand that I am life, and I shall dream on.

Of this beautiful life of mine.

For knowing now that it will truly shine.

with this love and feeling I have inside.

It's a history for me that I cannot hide.

So what is this victory I am talking about?

I've changed my life for GOD!

And that is what it's all about.

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