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Talking about Community Violence

Young people in our writing workshops this fall at BRONXCONNECT talked about the many forms that violence in the community can take. From a threatening look, to a predatory stare, from fists to guns, our young people have an unnerving familiarity with it. Young participants also reflected on experiencing peace and a sense of safety in their communities, as expressed in this poem by participant Genesis Williams. Genesis has exhibited so much strength and love as well as powerful observations, throughout the workshops. Special thanks to all the staff at BronxConnect and the WellMet Group for their support.

Block to Block

by Genesis Williams

I’m not going to lie to you,

We had good times on the block

Summer breeze and chillin’ on the stoop

Laughing at each other, but make sure no one

Wasn’t booked.

Watching people pass blazin’ in sweat.

But everything was fine, never open a peep.

No bullets flyin’, no one being sweeped.

Loving the peace from pigs.

Everyone knows everyone

From all ages, from all streets

Bock to block, we still chilled

The love was there, the love was sweet.

Never knew one day, this day will end.

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