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In a letter to Prison Writes Dontie wrote, in part, "I'm fighting for my life here, Jessica.....I need help, Jessica. Corresponding alone isn't helping me. Did you know that my video went viral on Facebook? Right now I have about 3 million views. Despite this, it hasn't translated into anymore support for me. And do you know why? Because no one was there on Facebook while people were commenting in an effort to drum up support for me. It was the perfect opportunity for someone to direct people's attention to my 'Free Dontie Mitchell' Facebook page, but the ball was dropped on that.

So, if Prison Writes really wants to help me, then connect me with someone who is willing to assist me in my efforts. I understand everyone has their own lives, but if anyone out there can find it in their heart to help me, then that's who I need to correspond with."

Please write to us at : contact@prisonwrites with DONTIE in the subject line if you can assist him in his efforts.

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