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Talk About Solidarity

"I'v been in prison for 16 years, and I've lost so much during those years. My Moms....she was my best friend, and I lost her on May 2nd 2012.

My son passed away while I was on Rikers Island. He was eleven years old.

After losing so much, the only motivation I have left to keep fighting is that one day, God willing, I'll be amongst the living again.

I compare my situation to that t.v. series, "The Walking Dead". We're walking around thinking that we're alive, but we're actually dead to the world. When the C.O's are giving out mail, and they walk right by my cell without stopping I say to myself, 'Wow, billions of people in the world and not one person can take a few minutes out of the day to sit down and put their thoughts on paper and mail it to me.'


Thank you for taking the time to read some of my thoughts. - Mitch

In cooperation with Incarcerated Nation Prison Writes launched Project Solidarity pen pal program in NYC this past April. The project focuses on establishing contact with people who are suffering long term incarceration. Since our launch correspondence has picked up and word is getting around. More people who are incarcerated are writing and asking for pen pals.

Send an email to us at with PS in the subject line to learn more about how to become a pen pal and lets show some solidarity!

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