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Powerful Words from Passerbys

Thanks to Save Our Streets Bed-Stuy for offering the opportunity for Prison Writes to join their community in gathering around the important issue of stopping gun violence. There was free food including burgers, hotdogs and home made fried chicken, a bouncy tent for kids, and tables with information with SWAG and raffles for all.

Prison Writes invited guests to our table to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences around incarceration by writing on post cards we provided.

Some people said they had no experience with prison; some said they didn’t want to talk about it. Those who did share their experiences with incarceration talked about visiting a loved one or family member, trying to maintain a relationship with a childhood friend whose spent the past decade being moved from prison to prison, letting go and forgiveness for a husband who got locked up, what it’s like to await trial and get sentenced.

For those who say they have no experience with incarceration, I say that’s why we need to keep talking about it. The incarcerated population of our nation are invisible, one of the most marginalized groups in our country. Many Americans who experience the trauma of jail and prison could be diverted into programs and services that would do better to prevent recidivism and keep our communities safe. Many Americans who are incarcerated would benefit from the rehabilitation and education while incarcerated. This also prevents recidivism and makes our communities safer.

As Americans we are all impacted by the cost of incarceration.

Thanks to all who took a moment to share!

“How a nation deals with its problems reflects its values. By incarcerating people, we show that we rather push others away than embrace them and support their need for change.” Kellen Felmine

“The broken window theory is still alive and flourishing in minority areas. People are being stereotyped and being prejudged off of incidents and getting thrown in jail before the situation can be completely investigated.” S.

“Jail is supposed to rehabilitate people, but that’s the last thing it does. People are now invested in jails making money from people being locked up.”

“The only way to justify being incarcerated is to think that time passes just to keep happiness within yourself. But non-violent criminals and violent criminals shouldn’t be locked up in the same prison and treated the same. And racism needs to stop. Blacks kill blacks, while kill white, Mexican kill Mexican, don’t point the finger and only show blacks doing bad on the media. It’s 2016 nobody got time for that.” S. Clarke

“Love will always win in the end.” Dakima Jackson,




Powerful words from passerby’s.

Ironically, within twenty-four hours of the street fair to prevent gun violence, the worst open shooter attack in the history of America occurred. As we consider what justice means in our individual lives and communities; What is justice in a country where our elected representatives protect gun manufacturers while innocent Americans continue to be slaughtered at random?

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