The Silent Pain of a Son

Fathers Against Abandoning Children Therapy Services (F.A.A.C.T.S.) Dedicated to my sons, love y'all "What terminology does a father use to apologize to his sons he abandoned?" Like yesterday, I remember the way my middle son, J, used to stare into my eyes as if to silently say, my daddy, to me, I'm safe. I never seized the moment to sit down and bottle feed any of my children, really take time out to study their features, movements, their behaviors, because I was too busy running the damn streets, as if the streets was gonna reward me with more of a prize than my babies. My middle son was born in 1989, three years before my departure to New York State prison system, So I did not get the c


Ben (Cincere) Wilson is a writer, advocate and Program Assistant at the Institute for Transformative Mentoring Center for New York City Affairs In a room filled with computer stations, students attempt to out philosophize the philosophers with well placed commas and participial phrases. These are not ordinary students; they are prisoners. They know that every idea takes them that much further from a cell. Their thoughts explode like grenades and send neuron shrapnel across the cerebral cortex to the printer in the corner of the room. Gray, White, and a little bigger than a breadbox, it whines as each page ignites an intellectual spark. It whines because its friends have abandoned it. No long

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