Fathers Against Abandoning Children Therapy Services F.A.A.C.T.S

"The Unforgiving Son" In this piece our friend Dark Skin continues relating his experience as an incarcerated parent, and the impact of his incarceration on his children. _______________________________________ "What is the recipe for an unforgiving son?" My second oldest son, D. is probably the most angry with me. Why? I only know some of the reasons: 1) I abandoned him, which is the obvious one 2) I was absent from his life when he most needed me 3) D wanted to, like the rest of his siblings, know why I left him to fend for himself??? No matter what I tray to say , do, or request my siblings to assist with to gain D's trust back, it don't work. D is bent on being angry with me so much

If You Should See Me

Once a week, for an hour, we work with youth at BronxConnect in groups where they write to tell us about what is going on with them. It can be hard as it requires courage and focus. The writing prompt, 'If You Should See Me' gives the writer an opportunity to challenge stereotypes while asking us to look more closely, at who they are as individuals. This piece by Savvy tells the story behind her tattoos. If You Should See Me If you see me on the streets 9 times out of 10 You only see the ink that runs on my skin Or the flashy ice that holds on my neck And if I was to never say a word Would they know I own my own business? Would they know I worked hard For everything I have without handouts?

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