All of the prisons in NYS where I have been housed, I have experienced being referred to as a nigger (N-word) by a CO(s) for unprovoked reasons. The dangerous part to the matter is that if I file a complaint about malfeasance by CO's, then I will be retaliated against by CO's and other staff. So I am forced to chose to between being disrespected, or face the racial profiling head-on, which will end in my being sent to the Solitary Housing Unit, written a false Misbehavior Report, and possibly loss of good time. I believe that Department of Corrections and Community Supervision New York has a very rotten systemic racist problem within it's institution, which must be investigated by outside a

Clemency for Dontie

Look at this picture. See the bright eyes, the strong arms, the hopeful smile. Meet Dontie Mitchell, incarcerated at the age of seventeen, Dontie has spent over half his life in prison. Dontie is not eligible for parole for another six years, yet he's served over twenty for a crime committed as a teenager. Since his sentencing, the nation has come to understand that the teen brain is not fully developed and is more susceptible to rash decisions. Since his sentencing, New York State finally "raised the age" when, on April 10,2017 Governor Cuomo signed “raise the age” into law in New York. By October 2019, New York state will no longer automatically prosecute all 16- and 17-year-olds as ad

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