Writing the Wrongs


Sentenced at Seventeen

Sentenced as an adult at the age of 17, I have spent over half my life in prison. I grew up poor in a dysfunctional household. My father was a drug addict, in and out of jail, rarely around. My mother was also addicted to drugs and was a negligent parent. My older brother was a juvenile delinquent in and out of detention facilities. When I was about five my mother uprooted me and my brother from Troy, New York, to move to Detroit Michigan, to follow behind a boyfriend who got her strung out on drugs and beat her in front of us. We were just little boys that could do nothing but beg him to stop. Eventually my mother escaped her abusive boyfriend with me and my brother to a shelter for bat

Releasing Stories, Revealing Selves

Judith Hannan is the author of Motherhood Exaggerated (CavanKerry Press, 2012), her memoir of discovery and transformation during her daughter’s cancer treatment and her transition into survival. Her most recent book is The Write Prescription: Telling Your Story to Live With and Beyond Illness. Click here for more information about Judith and her work. It’s Friday afternoon and I am on my way to Brooklyn where, every other week, I will meet social worker and Prison Writes founder Jessica Hall. Together, we facilitate a group consisting of young women in a gender based support program for women who have been criminal justice involved. Traveling with me are my insecurities. Is what I am doing,

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