For Fathers

Hernan posted this on Facebook on Fathers Day. I asked to re post because this is such an important message. Just look at the sweet faces in this picture. When one family member is incarcerated, all family members are impacted. Let's' support the possibility for positive transformation through love. Thank you, Hernan. ~ Jessica Hall. Happy Father's Day to all the men who are currently incarcerated who may only get a few hours with their children before they have to see them walk out the visiting floor without them. I remember the many times my daughter came to visit me when I was incarcerated and how it felt to not be able to walk out with her when she stuck out her little hand. I use

What Are Police Doing in Our Schools?

Robert Benz is Co- founder of the Frederick Douglas Family Initiative and contributor to the Huffington Post. We thank him for including Prison Writes and our blog contributors to share our insights and experiences on this important issue. Click here to read the article: The integration of law enforcement in educational institutions is the topic I’m discussing with people who have seen the consequences of such policies first hand. * Steven Pacheco is the Vice President of Student Council at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. * Rafael L. Carrera is a member of the Campaign to Close Rikers led by Just Leadership USA. * Jessica Hall is the Executive Director of Prison Writes.

One Last Time

This poem is Rafael's second contribution to our blog. Rafael is a formerly incarcerated individual committed to disrupting the Prison Industrial Complex. He is a JustLeadershipUSA Emerging Leader and member of their Closerikers Campaign in partnership with the Katal Center for Health, Equity and Justice. About this piece he says, “The reason why or how I came up with this piece was because an associate of mine is currently volunteering their time at ‘Rosie’s’, the Rose M. Singer Center women’s facility on on Rikers Island. So he was telling me what he was doing with the students (a literary class)and it just bought me back to that time and place when I was incarcerated.” (like in prison,

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