Letters from a prisoner- It's what's on the inside that counts

The following are excerpts from letters sent to me by a man who is in prison. The man who wrote to me gave me permission to share his words publicly. The punctuation, use of capitalization, notes and spelling are exactly as he wrote. My words are in italics. CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO OUR LATEST FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN “I have quite a few Prison experiences that I can share with you and I have witnessed quite a few more. What would you like to know? There is ‘SO MUCH” that goes on behind these walls that the public don’t know about and then there are things the public “DO” know about but just don’t care because we are prisoners many people feel we “deserve” the abuse we receive. I’ll give you

Prison Writes Fundraiser is Launched

https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/educate-don-t-incarcerate--3/x/14320200 Make a difference with your contribution today! Since our inception in October of 2015, Prison Writes has provided workshops for: male and female at-risk youth (teens within the court system) in Brooklyn group homes; formerly incarcerated community members at the New York Public Library; young leaders at the Lower East Side Girls Club; and mothers and children at the Women’s Prison Association in Brooklyn. And we visited youth at Rikers Island to deliver donated books to their book cart (provided by the Brooklyn Public Library). Prison Writes has established partnerships with Administration of Children's

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