Crossing the Bridge

Justin Corney has been writing blogs for Prison Writes since we started. Justin now lives with his wife and children and works full time in a hospital. Since I've met him he's impressed me as what I can only describe as a gentle soul. So, the question to ask as you read this, what circumstances would lead such a person to such violence? Some of the answers are in his earlier posts about his childhood trauma, and some answers are in this piece, about what type of a place we send people to. Miraculously, Justin has returned to society to become a hard working man, caring father and husband. Many people return traumatized, violent, and unable to function. Is that the outcome we want from p

Prison Writes & JustLeadershipUSA discuss #CloseRikers with the Lower East Side Girls Club

Prison Writes and JustLeadershipUSA visited with a group of young leaders in the Girls as Activists Leaders and Advocates (GALA) group at the Lower East Side Girls Club. Arnequa, Community Organizer from JustLeadershipUSA, outlined why the best way to solve the problem of Rikers Island injustice and violence is to #CloseRikers. We discussed impact on friends, families, individuals and community. We considered alterative ways to spend the $208,500. annual cost per person of keeping people locked up at Rikers. We talked about incarceration as human rights issue and a social justice issue. The young ladies were so well informed and articulate. Thank you to The Lower East Side Girls Club f

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