Writing as Liberation

~In life we may experience things and go through things that we don’t feel comfortable telling others about. Through experience i realized the more i kept inside the more imprisoned i became. For me writing is a form of liberation. I no longer feel imprisoned by my deep dark secrets of life experiences. Once i express them with a pen and pad i am FREE.~ Justin Corney The Saddest Day Cars where abandoned in the middle of the street, people were screaming at the top of there lungs in every direction. I stepped over collapsed bodies going into shock. Only thing on my mind was to make it home. I looked over to my friend as he attempted to light a cigarette. His hand was shaking trying to put th

Prison Writes memoir workshop

Prison Writes held a workshop at the Tompkins Square Branch of the New York Public Library Saturday January 16th. Titled ‘Memoir Writing 101’ the workshop invited participants to share pieces they’d written prior to the workshop as well as create new writing based on prompts provided. Prior writings brought by participants to share included letters from an incarcerated mother to her adult children detailing a traumatic day of incarceration. The letter touched on the strong bonds forged between incarcerated mothers, some who longed for the company of their children, some who felt comforted by their love, and one receiving the news of the death of a child by gunshot. Another participant detai

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