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November 12, 2019

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Constitution of United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992)

Amendment VIII

Imagine living in a room roughly the size of a parking space. A fully-grown man can rea...

January 31, 2019

Robin passed away just this past December 19th, 2019.  Robin was a spirited and fierce advocate for social justice issues and her contributions to Prison Writes are significant. Robin raised awareness of Prison Writes with her State Senator, lobbied for prison reform i...

December 7, 2018

"You can't be vulnerable in prison. Vulnerability incites trouble. It invites predators to lurk in your shadow. In prison vulnerability is death, one way or another. That is why I find respite in stories, my writing and letters to you. I can be honest here, safe."


October 24, 2018

I'm writing this as my father fights for his freedom.   In 2010, my father took a plea deal to a federal charge for conspiracy to distribute marijuana; he was sentenced to 17 years.

Today,  he sits in a federal prison in California, the same state where...

October 21, 2018

Jen Fitzgerald is a poet, essayist, photographer, and a native New Yorker who received her MFA in Poetry at Lesley University and her BA in Writing at The College of Staten Island (CUNY). She is a community activist, organizer, and freelance writer/editor/content creat...

September 10, 2018

Dontie has been writing to us via Project Solidarity,  the Pen Pal project, for over a year now.  Since we first posted here about Dontie's struggles, he as been featured in a NOW THIS video which has millions of views, yet his issue remains unresolved.  Unfo...

September 5, 2018

Karen Thomas is Prison Writes writing workshop English teacher and co-facilitator, as well as fundraising and outreach coordinator.  During her almost 35 year incarceration, Karen sought every opportunity to advocate for and support other women. She taught GED and ESL,...

August 4, 2018

Nelson Mandela wrote this about letters he received in prison: “Small kindnesses penned onto paper and tucked into envelopes had the power to cut through massive iron doors and grim stone walls bringing the splendor and warmth of springtime.”

That is the vision of Priso...

July 19, 2018

Fathers Against Abandoning Children

Therapy Services


Dedicated to my sons, love y'all

"What terminology does a father use to apologize to his sons he abandoned?"

Like yesterday, I remember the way my middle son, J, used to stare into my eyes as if to silently...

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January 31, 2019

December 7, 2018

October 24, 2018

September 10, 2018