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Project Solidarity P.S.
"During a dark period in my life, being denied parole four times, I was falling into a deep sea of depression- until I came across an outlet to share my stories of emotion, pain and triumphs with the readers who support Project Solidarity" ' Dark Skin' P.S. Incarcerated Pen Pal
Project Solidarity  is a  letter writing program created to establish correspondences between volunteer pen pals on the 'outside' and individuals experiencing long term to life  incarceration in the United States. The program is aimed at mitigating the effects of the unjust social isolation imposed upon individuals in prison while familiarizing the community at large  with the experiences of the US citizens who are living their lives in prison.  
Project Solidarity was initiated at Princeton University as an initiative of Students for Prison Education and Reform, conducted in partnership with Solitary Watch.  
In partnership with IncarceratedNation and New York University, Prison Writes brought Project Solidarity to NYC, launching the project with an orientation at NYU in April 2017.
Contact us at contact@prisonwrites.org if you would like to participate.