We Support Re-Entry
We Support Re-Entry

"Over 10,000 ex-prisoners are released every week and more than 650,000 every year in the United States" - www.justice.org

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Therapeutic Writing Can Help
Therapeutic Writing Can Help

Writing about a traumatic experience can be a way out of the shackles of trauma.

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Writing can help
Writing can help

Writing can boost academic ability, reduce anger, improve immune function, and reduce doctors visits.

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Through our engaging and multidimensional workshops, we offer participants rich opportunities for personal growth, healing and resilience.

Prison Writes Workshops


Workshops are facilitated by a licensed social worker and professional writing teacher.  Workshops utilize social work group methodology and values to ensure that workshop environments are safe and confidential.



Click here to read our blog featuring updates on workshops, funders and programming as well as compelling stories written by guest bloggers expressing their thoughts, feelings and experiences about incarceration.

Project Solidarity


Read about our pen pal project with people who are experiencing long term incarceration

~In life we may experience things and go through things that we don’t feel comfortable telling others about. Through experience i realized the more i kept inside the more imprisoned i became. For me writing is a form of liberation. I no longer feel imprisoned by my deep dark secrets of life experiences. Once i express them with a pen and pad i am FREE.~  Justin Corney, Prison Writes Blog contributor

Thirty years of research indicates that therapeutic writing results in tangible outcomes including:


  • Improved physical and emotional health

  • Postive behavioral changes

  • Boost in academic ability

  • Increased working efficiency

  • Better sleep

  • Increased ability to connect with others


People who've experienced therapeutic writing report more honesty in their relationships, more job offers, a greater sense of meaning in their lives, and improved focus and overall functioning.